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Club History

The Janus was formed in 1953. Following repeated attempts by the founder members whilst in another club to have ladies accepted into that club, and in spite of the passing of a resolution to allow this, opposition was such that the proposal was reversed. The 9 founder members of the Janus eventually felt that their only way forward was to resign en masse and start a club of their own... Janus is a Roman god and Apollo was thought to be a Greek god. However it appears that Apollo was both! Quote: ’Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek andRoman religion and Greek and Roman mythology’.

Club Runs

Meet most Sundays at the Rising Sun, Hazel Grove at 09.30am Depending on the time of year, the runs cover between 30 and 60 miles usually with a short lunch stop and returning normally by mid afternoon. When a race is taking place within a reasonable distance the club run will generally head out to that race.

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Club Meeting

Club meetings usually take place The next club meeting will take place on the second Thursday of the month. the next meeting is April 11th. They are held at the Navigation Hotel, Hyde Road, Woodley and start at 8.00pm. Unless stated otherwise, members will usually get an email reminder a few days before.

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April 2019

former members

I have just heard the sad news that former club members Ray Latham and John Heaney have passed away. I afraid I don’t know much about Ray who died in December except that he joined in 1954. John was an active member for a long time, a regular on club runs and at social events plus a good racing career in time trials. John was a good friend during his time with the club and was always a pleasure to be with. He died in early March.

Club Run Update

Meet Sundays at the Rising Sun, Hazel Grove at 09.30 am. Destination to be decided on the day apart from the last Sunday in the month when it’s to a specific location. This month it will be Longnor on Sunday 28th April. Support always welcome. Not much to report on runs over the last few weeks, just last Sunday - The club-run went to Northwich Antique Centre. A good little cafe inside and reasonable prices! Rob G; Barry B and Pete W got there in cool and windy conditions, Pete B arrived 10 minutes later. The home run had a good tailwind! No comments about antiques please!

club events

The first of the club events will be the MDTTA 25 on Saturday 4th May on course J2/9 starting at 2.00pm, HQ Goostrey. Other dates are the MDTTA 100 on 14th July which will be incorporated in the West Cheshire 100 on course D100/6A. The club 50 will be the MDTTA 50 on 3rd August, course J4/16 & a final 25 which will probably be the Stretford Wheelers event on 21st September. Entry as per handbook or online.

Fred Gratton 25

Our open 25 this year is on Saturday 8th June. The event is organised by Phil Robinson and help is needed to marshal & run the HQ. Marshals will be needed at the following locations:- Start (1 person), end Bomish Lane (1 ), Chelford Island (2 minimum, ideally 3), Ollerton cross Roads ( 2) , Seven Sisters / A50 (2), Whipping Stocks (1), A50/Twemlow Lane (2), Twemlow Lane sharp bend 220m from A50 (1), Twemlow Green (2), Finish (1). As you can see we need 16 out on the course plus someone to sign on and helpers in the kitchen so it is a big commitment. Please let Phil know if/where you can assist, it’s our clubs only promotion now and we need to make it a success.

ashton race series

We are not involved this year in running the Tuesday night circuit races at Ashton under Lyne. But help marshalling will always be appreciated. Racing starts on 9th April and runs for 20 weeks. Riders also welcome, you will need a BC licence and to register with the league which will need to be done online via the BC website.


The evening 10’s organised by the Westmead Team 88 start on Wednesday 24th April and we will be using them for our club 10 series. For our 10 series you can ride any or all of these events, best 6 to count for our championship. All start at 1900. The courses used will be J2/1 or JC/36., dates as follows:- April 24 (JC/36), May 1 (JC/36), May 8 (JC/36), May 15 (J2/1), May 22 (J2/1), May 29 (J2/1) June12 (JC/36), June 19 (JC/36), July 3 (J2/1), July 10 (J2/1), July 17 (J2/1), July 24 (JC/36) July 31 (JC/36), Aug 7 (JC/36), Aug 14 (J2/1), Aug 21 (J2/1), Aug 28 (J2/1). All events start at 7.00pm. Entry fee (£5.00) and you will need a working rear light before being allowed to ride. The Headquarters and signing on are at Siddington Village Hall from 6.00pm, allow 20 minutes to reach the start.


The Manchester and District Time Trials Association 10 and a Tricycle Association 10 organised by me took place on 23rd March. The day went well with 13 trikes riding and 113 in the bike event. The weather was good for a change and no course alterations. Many thanks to the club members and friends who marshalled and staffed the HQ for what was a long and busy day. We depend on this support to enable these events to take place.


I have just had an interesting enquiry about a club 25. The enquiry came indirectly from a man who rode in a Janus 25 on Wednesday 3rd July 1968. I managed to find both start and result sheets for the event so I am sure he will be quite happy. The interesting thing for me was that the event was on a Wednesday evening organised by Harry Greenhalgh starting at 6.45pm and with a full field of 120 riders! Two weeks before we ran the Mike Collins 25 (now the Fred Gratton) on a Saturday, again with a full field of 120 with some 24 entries being returned. Plenty of marshalling to do there.

some events

  • Tues 9 April VTTA (Mcr & NW) 10 J2/3 1400

  • Sat 13 April Macclesfield Whlrs 25 J2/9 1400

  • Fri 19 April Sigma Sports Classic Series (Buxton CC) J8/3 1100

  • Sun 21 April Glossop Velo Kinder 25.6 J8/4 0900

  • Sat 27 April East Lancs RC10 J2/1 1400

  • Sat 4 May MDTTA 25 J2/9 1400

  • Sun 5 May Macclesfield Whlrs Hill Climb (Tegg Nose) J9/21 1000

  • Sat 11 May Dukinfield CC 50 J4/16 1600

  • Sun 12 May Crewe Clarion Whlrs 16,5 J8/2R 0800

  • Wed 15 May Saddleworth Clarion 18.45m mountain TT J8/7 1845

As you will see from above there is not a great deal happening within the club at the moment, regular club runs are taking place with a stalwart group of hardy riders despite the weather. I am not aware of any results so far this year so if you have anything, MTB, Triathlon etc please let me know and apart from the need for marshals there has been not a great deal to put on the news sheet. If you have done any interesting rides such as on holiday then a short article would be a useful and interesting addition.

March 2019


to Paul Short from Marple who joined us at the last club meeting

March Club Run Extra

The planned run for this month on the last Sunday (31st) is the Northwich Antiques Centre just a mile past the Anderton Boat Lift. More riders always welcome with a shorter ride to the same place starting at Chelford.


The MDTTA early season 10’s start on Saturday 9th then 16th 23rd March. The one on 23rd March is no longer organised by Harry but we will be helping out and it includes a Tricycle Association 10 run by me.

Ashton circuit

We are not official marshals at the Tuesday night circuit series at Ashton this year but help always welcome. The first race is 9th April followed 19 more weeks. If you can help at any of these please let me know.

the fred gratton 25

Our open 25, The Fred Gratton event is on Saturday 8th June, organised this year by Phil Robinson. First rider off at 1400 and on J2/9 course.. To run this event we will need at least 14 marshals plus helpers in the HQ so please make a note of the date and reserve it. In the past we have had many complements on the organisation and we intend to keep that up. Your help is needed so please let Phil know if you are available. {contact us for his details}

some events

  • Sat 16 March MDTTA 10 J2/3 1400

  • Sat 23 March MDTTA 10/TA10 J2/3 1400

  • Sat 30 March Stretford Whlrs 10 J2/1 1400

  • Sat 6 April Withington Whlrs 25 J2/9 1400

  • Tues 9 April VTTA (Mcr & NW) 10 J2/3 1400

  • Sat 13 April Macclesfield Whlrs 25 J2/9 1400

  • Fri 19 April Buxton CC 22 mountain TT J8/3 1100

  • Sun 21 April Glossp Kinder 26.6mtt J8/4 0900

  • Sat 27 April East Lancs RC10 J2/1 1400

1966 100

Here is a result sheet from 1966 with a couple of Janus riders. Ken Smith who finished 34th was in the Janus until he moved down south.

February 2019

CLUB runs

Meet every Sunday 0930 in the car park at the back of the Rising Sun Hotel, Hazel Grove, destination to be decided on the day. Not many runs to report on so far:- 23 Dec Three brave ( or crazy! ) members went on a short clubrun to Sutton Garden Centre. It was a little damp to say the least! The three were Colin, Rob G and Pete W. 2 Feb A cold (-2c) Club run to Booths at Knutsford, Rob G and Pete W plus three from the Dukinfield C.C. We stuck to the main roads due to the minor roads and cyclepaths being iced up! Our planned run for 24th February is to the Oakwood Marina Café, Davenham Road, Davenham CW9 7RY. Its just before Riverside Organics. Support most welcome.

presentation lunch

The presentation lunch on Sunday 20th January at the Alma Lodge went exceedingly well. 47 members, relatives and friends were booked in and had an enjoyable meal up to usual Alma Lodge standards with a choice from the full lunchtime menu. The change from our normal Saturday evening seems to be popular with comments like less formal, no music and more suited to those attending (just what Bill had been suggesting for the last couple of years). Because of these changes we had more former members with us which is most welcome. Thanks to Harry for the organisation and once again obtaining some great raffle prizes and to the Brocklehurst family for running the raffle.


This year’s MDTTA early season 10s are on Saturdays 9th, 16th and 23rd March. Harry is not promoting the third one this year but it will still incorporate a Tricycle 10, racing starts 2.00pm with Allostock Village Hall the HQ. It is planned to be on J2/3 subject to road works. Our open 25, The Fred Gratton event is on Saturday 8th June, Promoted by Phil Robinson. First rider off at 1400 and on J2/9 course. Marshals and helpers always needed so please reserve the date. The first of the Westmead evening 10’s is on Wednesday 24th April starting at 1900 and will be on JC/36, followed by 1st and 8th May. We will be using these again for our club 10 series,


  • Sat 2 Mar University of Manchester CC 10 J2/1 1100

  • Sat 9 Mar MDTTA 10 J4/7 1400

  • Sat 16 Mar MDTTA 10 J2/3 1400

  • Sat 23 Mar MDTTA / TA 10 J2/3 1400

  • Sat 30 Mar Stretford Whlrs 10 J2/1 1400

  • Sat 6 Apl Withington Whlrs 25 J2/9 1400

  • Sat 13 Apl Macclesfield Whlrs 25 J2/9 1400

  • Fri 19 Apl Sigma Sport Series (Buxton CC) 33 J8/3 1100

  • Sun 21 Apl Glossop Kinder Velo 25.6 J8/4 0900

Ashton circuit races

Tuesday night racing will again be on the cycling circuit at Ashton under Lyne. The series runs for 20 weeks from 9th April until 20th August. We are not on the marshalling rota this year as it was felt at a club meeting that those clubs whose members ride should do more of the work. That said, help is always needed and welcome every week. Racing starts at 6.30pm, let me know if you can come along.


Another reminder for those who have not yet paid their subs for 2019. Senior £12.00, (under 18 - £5.00), Social - £5.00. To save on having to remember paying every year you can set up a Standing Order to make the payment. Please put your name in the ‘reference’ section so Chris knows who the payment is from. It would also be a good idea to send him an E mail just to say that you are going to pay this way. Details on payment and contatcing Chris available on request He is still accepting cash or cheques if you don’t want to use a Standing Order.


  • Club Hill Climb (Ken Foster Rosebowl) Fastest Kyle Fletcher 24.58

  • Short Distance Championship 10, 25 & 50 miles Ken Dyson

  • Club Member of Year (The Bill & Kath Clayton Trophy) Rob Pierce

  • 10 mile points series (Harold Samuels Trophy) Fastest David Flux

  • (Handicap Shield) 1st Handicap David Flux

  • Fastest 10 of year David Flux 22.19

  • Fastest 25 of year (Hyde Roads 25 Trophy) Phil Robinson 57.20

  • Fastest 50 of year (William Howe Trophy) (“J” courses only) Phil Robinson 2.00.38

  • Fastest Vet on Standard over 10 miles (“J” courses only) Barry Beardsell

  • Club 25 (Event 2) Fastest Phil Robinson 58.45

  • Open 25 Fred Gratton Trophy Fastest Mark Turnbull 51.35

  • Mike Collins trophy Vet on Standard Andy Wilkinson

Trophies not awarded were: TT Champion (Squires Trophy), Vets Champion (Hyde Roads Vets Cup) Road Race ChampionHandicap Champion (Stan Brooks Trophy) Track Championship Best Performance (The Harry & Jean Fletcher Trophy) Club 25 (Event 1) Fastest Most Improved Rider (The Bill Howarth Trophy) Club 50 Club 100

Janaury 2019

News {Feb 1 2019}

The January 2019 newsletter is now on the CTT website


roger booth

I have just heard the sad news that Roger died on 13th December. He was aged 88. Roger was a founder member of the Janus and in his time was a great hill climber winning many local hill climbs and being placed in National ones. Our condolences to his family.

club runs

2 Dec. The club run went to Spinney Caravans at Goostrey for lunch yesterday, just three out, Rob G, Colin and Pete W. A bit on the warm side and a good tailwind home.
We need more members out on the clubruns!"
16 Dec The Club went to watch the Xmas 10 at Cranage today. Pete B was marshalling on the A50. Colin, Rob G and Pete W went to the Seven Sisters Cafe on the A50. We had to dodge fallen trees brought down by Storm Deirdre.


on Sunday 20th January 2019 at the ALMA LODGE, 149 Buxton Road, Stockport Meet 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start The club lunch will be at the Alma Lodge and will be priced at £17.00 (£8.00 for under12s). This is a specially reduced price as agreed at the last club meeting to try and encourage more members to attend The main meal a selection from the menu but numbers are required so please indicate if you plan to attend. Tell Harry or me. Pay in advance if possible. (cheques should be made payable to ‘Janus Road Club’) As in previous years, the raffle is an important part of the evening and prizes are welcome.. support your club – contact HARRY NOW!!.

subscriptions 2019

subs due now Senior Racing Member £12.00, (under 18) - £5.00, School member - £4.00, Social member - £5.00. They can be paid to the treasurer :- Christian Aimson (address available on request) or at the next club meeting. You may pay by cash, cheque, standing order or direct debit. Bank details are aslo available on request. Please put what you are paying for (Subs, clothing etc) in the ‘reference’ section so Chris knows what it is for. It would also be a good idea to send him an E mail just to say that you are going to pay this way.


The Manchester Regional Track League starts racing again for the new year on Tuesday 8th January for the Premier Division (racing starts 8.00pm) and the First Division on Friday11th January starting at 7.30pm. The Monday ACT track meetings start on 7th January. Racing starts 7.30pm.

Club events 2019

The events nominated as club events for 2019 are:
25 miles MDTTA 25 11 May
50 miles MDTTA 50 3 August
100 miles SCCA/WCTTA/MDTTA 100 14 July.
No date yet for the last 25, usually an event in September.
There is no 100 on Cheshire this year, the event will be incorporated in the Shropshire and West Cheshire event on course D100/6A.

Hopefully we will be able to use the Cheshire Roads Club hill climb again for our final event with perhaps a better turn out than this year.

Christmas lunch

The Christmas lunch was attended by 15 members and friends and proved to be very enjoyable with an excellent meal at the Spring Gardens, Marple.

Thanks to Christian Aimson for organising it at very short notice and it proved to be an excellent venue.

Boxing Day club run in the 1950’s

Every time Boxing Day comes round it reminds me of the rides many years ago. In the late 1950’s we used to have a club run on Boxing Day. It started as usual at Hazel Grove but just across the road from the Rising Sun at a café where you could amongst other things get hot vimpto, a good warmer on a cold day.
We started at a gentle pace up the A6 eventually arriving at the Hanging Gate motto “This Gate Hangs Free and Hinders None, Refresh Yourself and Carry On” located on the main road at Combs just before Whaley Bridge. The gentle pace was designed so that we would arrive at 12.00, opening time. Bank holidays were treated in those days as Sundays with opening 12.00 to 2.00pm.
The pub being open we ordered drinks and occupied the darts room. In those days (a pint was about 1/6 (7 1/2p in today’s money).Pubs did not sell food only crisps with a little bag of salt in it and pickled eggs in a large jar at the end of the bar. It was very rare to see anyone buy a pickled egg but they were always there so somebody must have bought them! We took our own sandwiches which they did not mind us eating and spent the next 2 hours drinking, eating and playing darts.
At closing time we got back on the bikes and made our way steadily back speeding up only for the ritual sprint for the railway bridge at Hazel Grove before separating and making our ways home. I don’t know how this routine started or for how long it continued, perhaps an old former club member can add some detail. Happy memories.


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